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OCT The Riviera
Living by the water
Man’s dwelling initially sprouted from nature to the city,
And will eventually return to nature from the city.
OCT The Riviera, a new benchmark of ecological human dwelling,
located in the one-hour core transportation circle of the Greater Bay Area,
in the 700-year-old Gulou Waterfront.
OCT The Riviera is located in the nuclear Greater Bay Area, north of Heshan City, Jiangmen. A livable cultural eco-tourism center can be ensured by dint of the planned 6 tracks, 8 airports, 4 hubs and 7 port areas.
Daily commutes between the ideal dwelling and the city will come true.
OCT The Riviera, close to Xijiang River, living by water......lets life flow freely here.
For your home, a city is built.
OCT adheres to the tenet of “supporting facilities first”, leisure and entertainment and commercial shopping constructed to satisfy the want for all ages, opening a one-stop life.
Qinghexiaozu, with a style of Garden apartment, 49-86 m2, is of superb investment value thanks to its 70-year property rights, small area, and low price. Apartment-style custody service is for your choice.
Qingxibieyuan, 126-179 m2, with a noble courtyard, is for a successful person’s life and vacation, and it is their unique option of asset allocation. Some houses near water enjoy the private wharf.