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Happy Waterfront
The brand new tourism product of OCT Group
covers 4 major areas, namely, Xichen Guest Reception Area, Children’s Dream Area, Countryside Time Area and Boat Tour Area
Xi Chen Guest Reception Area
The Ebullient Gulou
Visitor Center
The first comprehensive public space that breaks the concept of traditional scenic service center
Lotus is the representative element in Gulou Waterfront. Visitor Center, which was open on National Day in 2020, stimulates the swaying posture of a lotus leaf, with water drops on glittering and translucent leaves. bifurcated stem veins, concave and outer flanged, wavy outline, irregular edges of the regular shapes. The building is concisely and hierarchically structured. Therefore, natural light penetrates into the interior through shade, relaxing and comforting tourists. Notably, it is an all-in-one place that gathers tourist service center, exhibition center, food & dining, souvenir shop and so forth.
More information is available; Visitor Center >
Children's Dream Area
Happy to find children's fun!
Pure and simple Gulou
Children's Dream Paradise
A picture book that reproduces wild fun in childhood
All visitors are guided back to the countryside childhood life, soil, fish pond, animals, crops......It is not only the “regret” of modern children’s growth, but also the “returning” of adult’s childhood.
Countryside time
Reflection, self-observation!
Leisurable and rural Gulou
Leisure Manor
Seek the best days with flowers blooming like brocade
Here is a romantic and artistic Gulou. The sun sprinkles the grass. The sentiment is fragrant like honey. Indulgently, you forget the hustle and bustle of the city and stay away from the troublesome work. Give yourself a break to enjoy tea and flowers. Give yourself a short time to listen to a country concert.
Barefoot Park
Gratitude, be grateful to heaven and earth
Natural and mysterious Gulou
Barefoot Park
The first barefoot paradise in China
A theme park that lets parents, children, lovers and friends feel the different quality of nature with bare feet, and enjoy yourselves carefree and in the most down-to-earth way.
Boat Tour
Gratitude, be grateful to heaven and earth
Natural and mysterious Gulou
Wave-watching in Boat Tour
The natural world to appreciate the sea and lotus
Slow down your pace, enjoy Henghai Lotus Lake with waves and fragrant lotuses, catch the leaping fish with your eyes, explore nuanced habitats, and receive natural nourishment.
Please await much more excitement...